Still my favourite collaborator ( but then of course the dead can't complain about how i misinterpret them can they ). I have contributed a visual essay, about my first encounter with the great Welshman's work, to the autumn issue of Faunus, the journal of the Friends of Arthur Machen society.  An interpretation of Machen's prose-poem "Midsummer" will feature in the exhibition catalogue of curator Una Hamilton-Helle's travelling "Waking The Witch" show. Is it significant that the only two projects i took on this year that actually came to something are those placed in a non-comics context? If a literary magazine and a contemporary art publication show more interest in left-field comic making than the comic scene itself, we deserve all the corporate spider-man drivel that we get. 
This medium is its own worst enemy. 

Recent Work

It appears i've started painting again, which, as far as medium is concerned, is the same hole, only larger.