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"Time and space in complete fraternity for once had begun like entwined serpents their dual and diurnal suction at the breasts of life; but the moment had not yet come for those breasts to respond. That strange in-sinking, in-gulfing motion, as though something were being drawn downwards into the mouth of a dark planetary funnel where the spirals of the life-torrent curve inward with such smooth rapidity that the heart of the earth seems to have stopped breathing, struck Porius at that moment to be actually swallowing up the mystery of sound at its ultimate source."

- John Cowper Powys/ Porius ( 1951 )

"He does not miss her, since she seems so insistently present, in the yellow lichen wrapping in the bare beech branches, in the kestrel he once saw skimming the oaks, quivering its outspread tail. 
She signals to him in the high mares' tails overhead, in the turns of phrase she has borrowed and lent, in the curled scar on his cheeck; and by similar means he imagines he also signals to her: that their conversations go on, silently, in the downspin of a sycamore key."

-Sarah Perry/The Essex Serpent ( 2016)


Fragments of a new piece, from a script by the amazing Sloane Leong

when the moon is a cold chiseled dagger

What is winter for, if not for listening to Tom Waits’ Black Wings on repeat?

The City in the City

Itd ed. of 50 with signed bookplate
from Sherpa

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