Recent Work

It appears i've started painting again, which, as far as medium is concerned, is the same hole, only larger.

Recent Reading

"And then there came to Porius, as he watched them ascend one by one the long series of steep rock-ridges leading to the foothills of the mountains what was really an extremely complicated crisis in his life. It could be called a moral crisis; but it was much more than that. It could also have been called an aesthetic or even perhaps a metaphysical crisis. But it was really more than any of these things. It concerned his whole life as a living organism. 
The shock he had received as his eyes met those of the Gawres was different from anything that had ever happened to him before, or would ever happen to him again. Through each pair of eyes, as through double gulfs in thick banks of clouds that have unaccountably risen to face each other across the firmament, the primal mystery of differing consciousness of male and female as it tore its way through time and space struck his whole organism such a transforming blow that his brain began to work with a sensitive grasp that in itself was a new experience."

" 'He's alone in space,'Porius thought, 'and only space has the power of reflecting his stories in such a manner that all their faults are lost and all their virtues remain. In the eternal empty space round him he sees the perfection he aimed at and gives himself the credit for having attained it; and maybe, in some cosmic ideal sense, he has attained it.'"

- John Cowper Powys/ Porius ( 1951 )

Twice Fated, Thrice Tried

I contributed some sequential drawings to a story written by Sloane Leong & designed by Sean Ford. To check out the work of these two talented individuals, go acquire the pdf here: