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Thus they converse, haltingly, between long pauses. Behind the language that they speak other languages speak in silence, ones that they know and yet avoid, the languages of childhood and of loss. This reticence seems imperative. Both are thinking how strange it is to be here and at the same time to be conscious of it, seeing themselves somehow reflected in each other. That must be how it is with humans, apart and yet together, in their world, their human world.

-John Banville, Ghosts

What affects me most strongly and most immediately in a work of art is the quality of its silence. This silence is more than an absence of sound, it is an active force, expressive and coercive. The silence that a painting radiates becomes a kind of aura enfolding both the work itself and the viewer as if in a colour-field.
- Banville/Ghosts

We had no nights; it was always daylight when we met.

Ha pasado todo el día y nadie ha venido a buscarme. Da miedo aceptar tanta suerte.

- Adolfo Bioy Casares, La invención de Morel