Current Reading VIII

"Her head was full of fast black dragons. What had been invisible to her, because ubiquitous, now stood revealed. She heard them scream supersonic across the sky, fueled by wrath and gasoline. She felt the gravitational pull of them, the superheated backwash of their passing. And she saw herself riding one away, away, away. 
First, though, she would have to master the grimoire. She would have to learn how the dragons were operated."

-Michael Swanwick, The Iron Dragon's Daughter

"Vain ambition prefers to find itself influenced, in spots where it considers its weaknesses to be, by a power below itself, rather than entertaining the possibility of being the beneficiary of a higher power, and it is telling that within the fortified position of scientific thinking, consciousness - if pressed to admit to any outside influence- does not mention the extraconscious, let alone the supraconscious, but only allows the subconscious any grip on its dreams and visions."

- A. Roland Holst, Thinking and The Third Reich